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This old Face++ platform will end service by 1st May, 2017. Please visit our all new Face++ Cognitive Services.
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Face++ Research Toolkit

Face++ is a new cloud platform providing comprehensive face recognition technology. Our goal is to help developers and researchers to easily use face-related vision techs as a tool.

We are honored to be the sponsor of ICCV 2013, which is one of the top computer vision conferences in the community. To support vision research better, we have just released Face++ Research Toolkit (currently, a Matlab SDK for our detection and facial landmark APIs). We hope to play an important role to speed-up vision research, especially on face recognition direction.

For more information on our service, please check our website. We hope more excellent researchers can join our team and "simplify face recognition" together. You will be very appreciated to cite this toolkit in your publication if our service is helpful in your research.

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Download Here (Face++ Research Toolkit v0.1)